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Contributors » Tclenche » Larder Beetle

Larder Beetle discovered by Tclenche (#7554)

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Sighting Info

Observed: October 25, 2015 @ 12:30 PM
Posted on: October 27, 2015 @ 10:06 PM (diff: 2 days)
found this in my wall while installing a new door in my craft studio.

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Newfoundland Nature

Newfoundland Nature

Comments by Site Members (scroll to post comment)

By sam on 10/27/2015 10:11:43 PM

good sighting, Tom. looks as if it has a beater Harp Seal coat on.

By Tclenche on 10/27/2015 10:15:55 PM

well it is a Newfoundland insect after all! I had to laugh, but you are right Sam, it does look like it is wearing a seal fur coat!

I wonder what it is?

By Barry Hicks on 10/27/2015 11:27:17 PM

Hi Guys,
This beetle belongs to family Dermestidae. Commonly referred to as carpet, larder or skin beetles.  Newfoundland has 9 species.  Some of these are quite common and you find them in your house throughout the entire year.  I often see the larvae of the beetles in the drawers of my kitchen.  The adults often tuck their legs in when disturbed and are compact.

By sam on 10/28/2015 9:01:18 AM

I remember seeing them, but I didn't give it a second thought. before I joined Nlnature a beetle was just another beetle. I did notice , however, the way they tucked in their legs.

By sam on 10/28/2015 9:08:10 AM

how big is it Tom???

By Tclenche on 10/28/2015 9:45:08 PM

about 10mm long or so Sam

Thanks Barry for pointing me in the right direction again. Thanks to people like you, and many other contributors,  Nl nature is a great learning tool for me!

By Barry Hicks on 10/28/2015 9:52:59 PM

You are totally welcome.  I enjoy seeing the insects that people post here.  

By Tclenche on 10/28/2015 10:02:50 PM

it is great to be able to post different things and see what I can learn!

learning resources are sparse in rural areas like here. At least with the internet and sites like nl nature, a person can keep the thrill of discovery and learning alive.

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